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Modernize and brighten while saving money on energy costs. High energy efficiency.  Quiet operation. No heat/wasted energy.  No UV emissions.  Longer lasting with practically no maintenance.  Motion sensor, photocell, and timer options.  

We offer lighting design, ensuring correct color, placement, and fixtures for your indoor and outdoor needs.  

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Colorado Springs Utilities REBATES

Colorado Springs Utilities offers their customers Commercial Lighting Rebates of up to 50% of the cost.  LED lighting can save 50% or more of your normal electrical bill.   CSU requires pre-installation and post-installation inspections, and there is some paperwork, which we can help with.    Most see a return-on-investment in two years!
Black Hills Energy, MVEA, and Xcel are all known to provide rebates, and we can assist with those. 


Ready for LED lighting but don't have all the funding to complete the job?  Don't keep paying for outdated technology requiring high levels of maintenance and  materials! 
 Rocky Mountain Electric is happy to help you with financing at a reasonable rate.  

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